Molong, NSW – May 2, 2020

The recent heavy rains around Molong has driven to Cabonne Council to request all residents to boil their water until further notice. General manager, Brad Byrnes tells residents to “said bottled water or cool boiled water should be used for drinking, washing uncooked food, making ice, cleaning teeth, preparing baby formula, gargling and pets’ drinking […]

Tully, QLD – January 29, 2020

The boil water alert that was issued on the 30th of December, 2019 for Tully has yet to be lifted. The city council has invested in other water storage facilities to hopefully ease the need for boil water alerts. The areas affected include: Tully town, Feluga, East Feluga, Bulgun, Silky Oak, Euramo, Hull Heads, Tully […]