Articles of Interest

'What number/colour is your water?'

Written by Colin Hopgood, from B.E.S.T. Water Filters, 20/1/2020

A customer's water test failed to meet Drinking Water Standards because the 'colour number' was too high. If the customer had attempted to chlorinate it may have created a cancer-causing by-product.

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'Tweed water safe to drink but not for washing'

Written by Echonetdaily, 31/1/2020

Recent rains in the Tweed Shire has caused the water to appear dirty. This is caused because of the mineral content being washed into the river after a dry spell.

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'Popular Perth swimming hole closed after brain-eating bacteria find'

Written by Marta Pascual Juanolam from WAtoday, 15/1/2020

A commonly used swimming spot in Perth has been closed indefinitely. Since discovering a brain-eating bacteria in the water, authorities urge people to watch for symptoms of infection such as severe headaches, sore throat, and vomiting. If a person is infected, it can take the parasite as little as a day to two weeks before death.
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