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Best RV Water Alerts is a free advisory service started by B.E.S.T. WATER FILTERS to assist people traveling Australia in caravans, campers, motorhomes, and camper trailers. It helps show potential problems with drinking water that may be down the road. We started it before Facebook, etc. came into play, so we were simply sending out emails. 

Every year there is more than one Boil Water Alert a week issued somewhere in Australia.

The idea is to warn travelers of a problem, which will enable them to decide if they should fill their tanks prior to going to an area, or even going at all. 

Now with social media in full swing, we encourage you to post on our sites or email us, if you become aware of a problem before we do.

Together, we can help everyone have a safer trip.


Our information is sourced via various avenues and is shared as we receive it. If the information is incorrect, it is the responsibility of the original source supplier. The owners, directors, employees of B.E.S.T. WATER FILTERS and Best RV Water Alerts can not be held liable for any omitted / missed  alerts or misinformation. It’s the user’s responsibility to check with local authorities if you have a concern.

Get involved!

Have you got a water alert that we’ve missed? Help us help other travelers and spread the word!

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